Haunted Adventure

Vancouver's most intense haunted adventure. You must protect your life force, run through the woods, pick up your arrow and fight off the evil that awaits you on your journey. Navigate the obstacles and search for more arrows in the hidden chests. But beware, if an orc or daemon should extinguish your life force. . .You're finished.

The Villagers need your help!

The Empty Chest is the most bustling little tavern in the little town of Beggars Hole, but something evil is lurking in the woods. Several beasts have been troubling the townsfolk, raiding and looting their caravans. There's a bounty on the heads of the monsters. Can you and your team of mercenaries help this this troubled town?


The Story Begins...

Leave the humble city of Vancouver and adventure into the depths of your nightmares. It begins like any other journey, in a tavern with Fuggles and Warlock beer. But it quickly dissolves into a fight for your life. You will receive your life force and you must protect it at all cost. You'll be traversing the evil woods with nothing but a bow and arrow to defend yourselves. Evil lurks around every tree in this haunted experience. Do you have what it takes to make it to the final chapter?



Empty Chest Haunted Adventure

31515 Harris Rd,

Abbotsford, BC


Oct 30 - Oct 31 - Nov 1

6:00pm - 10:00pm


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