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Violation of these rules will result in immediate expulsion without refund

  • Speed limit 5 km/hr

    • There's lots to see so take your time. There are wee ones running around so no speeding. 

  • No Idling

    • Once you've entered a parking spot. Park your car and turn it off. No one wants to breathe your fumes. 

  • Behaviour

    • threatening, aggressive, or other forms of inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated

  • Safety Exits

    • There are exits after each mini show. If you need to leave for whatever reason, these are the areas to do so. 

  • No Flash photography

    • You want to take a picture, go for it. Just turn your flash off. A picture of your own reflection is silly anyways​

  • Stay in your vehicle

    • Remain in your vehicle at all times unless otherwise instructed (ie, toilets, or as part of a performance​

  • Blinkers

    • You will be asked to participate and choose how the adventure unfolds. Use your blinker to cast your vote​

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