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Haunted Halloween Adventure 

How does it work? Join us this Halloween in Burnaby! An open-world environment means you can choose to drink our delicious Steamworks ale beer with the tavern Vikings the entire time. Or, you complete quests, collect coins, and work your way towards an amazing boss fight.

Start with three health. Monsters will try and take your health away, but you can find more health along the journey

Find treasure, talk with characters, and see where it leads you. Use treasure chests to continue on to harder quests.

Enemies take different amounts of arrows to kill. Easy enemies take a couple of hits, but bosses a lot.

Everyone gets a bow and two arrows. You'll find more arrows inside treasure chests.

Haunted Adventure Rules



Age limit






Haunted Halloween Adventure & VIP Archery Experience

Spend the afternoon making your own medieval archer’s bow and arrows. By the end of the workshop you’ll have handcrafted a custom archer’s bow that you can keep forever!


Then, with your newly crafted weapon in hand, your team will swiftly embark on the Haunted Adventure quest to battle monsters, compete against a cyclops in archery contests, and more. 

Code of Conduct

Violation of these rules will result in immediate expulsion without refund

  • No Touching​

    • You are not permitted to touch any of the monsters/actors

  • Arrows

    • Do not pick up broken arrows off the ground. This is for everyone's safety, 

  • Behaviour

    • Threatening, aggressive, or other forms of inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated

  • Quests​

    • Quests will be given by the townsfolk. If you don't want to do a quest just say so. DON'T abandon your quest. Just go back to the quest giver and tell them you don't want to do it anymore.​

  • Safe-word

    • Oklahoma. In case of injury, distress, or you would like to leave for any reason; yell out Oklahoma

  • Lost Items

    • Ensure to protect your valuable items as you quest. We are not responsible for lost items. Take pictures and run around with your phone at your own risk.

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