Rules of conduct

Violation of these rules will result in immediate expulsion without refund

  • No Touching​

    • You are not permitted to touch any of the monsters/actors. 

  • Arrows

    • do not pick up broken arrows off the ground. This is for everyone's safety, 

  • Behaviour

    • threatening, aggressive, or other forms of inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated

  • Safe-word

    • Oklahoma - in case of injury, distress, or you would like to leave for any reason; yell out oklahoma

  • No phones

    • Absolutely no phones on the adventure. we are not responsible for lost items​

Be Advised

  • Touching

    • You will be touched by monsters/actors. do not touch them back. by no means are you allowed to touch the monsters/actors​

  • running

    • Run at your own risk. Running is allowed, but There are fallen trees, monsters, animals, bugs, and other dangers in the woods of evil. So tread lightly​

  • the dark

    • it will be dark. the dark is scary​

  • Light Path

    • Stay on the light path. outside of the path are bugs, creatures, fallen trees, holes, and other harmful things​

  • Footwear

    • Dress appropriately. No flip flops or open toed shoes. It's muddy, there are many things to trip on. Dress as if you're going for a rainy hike that happens to have monsters on it.​

How it works

  • Goal

    • get your group through the evil woods with at least one surviving player​ (green life force)

  • life force

    • Everyone in your group will get a life force Belt with three lives. a monster can steal one of your lives. if all life forces are gone, you group is finished. players can find extra life forces to revive teammates in treasure chests

  • Treasure chests

    • There are treasure chests throughout the woods. They will have arrows and extra life forces inside​

  • Monsters

    • Monsters can be killed by shooting them with arrows​

      • spirits : 1 arrow​

      • orcs : 3 arrows

      • other : .......???????

  • Trail lights

    • The trail is marked with lights. Stay on the path (follow the lights) and you will be fine. Do not leave the path. It is dangerous​