Welcome Mercenaries...

The Empty Chest Tavern
31515 Harris Rd, 



Handcrafting your own custom wooden bow with Animus

Lunch and Grog at The Empty Chest Tavern

Archery Lessons 

 A Haunted Monster Hunt in the woods

The VIP Experience is a full day immersive adventure!

 You will arrive at the empty chest tavern where you can rest your weary soul. Get a drink and some food, then start crafting your bow. The crafting process takes about 7 hours.

Lunch and snacks are provided. Songs will be sung, memories will be made.

Archery lessons will then be provided by Animus Archery. Learn to fire your newly crafted bow with precision in order to kill the monsters that lay in wait.

Monster hunting comes next. Make your way into the forest and destroy the evil lurking in the darkness. If you and your merry band of mercenaries make it out alive, feel free to regale us with tales of victory back at the tavern. 

Fuggles and warlock will be providing the booze

Lunch will be a hearty stew with bread

snacks are of the cheese and charcuterie variety

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